Kraftech KT-8500W Power Generator - 6500 Watts / 6.5 hp / 4 strake / 12, 220, 380V

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Air cooled diesel generator (AIR COOLED)
Low oil = engine stop and start with no engine oil level.
Powerful gasoline generator with a continuous power of 6000 Watts.
It is equipped with
1 x 400 V
3 x 230 V
1 x 12 volt power sockets.
The continuous power is 6000 watts. Operating time with a full tank up to 11 hours (1/2 load) The air-cooled single cylinder 4-stroke engine is operated with unleaded gasoline (also E10-compatible) and adjusted via a mechanical control.
• Fuel tank capacity is 15 liters.
• Equipped with a voltmeter,
• Noise emission: LWA dB (A) 65
• is delivered WITHOUT fuel (without oil or petrol!)
• Before first starting 10W30 oil fill!
• Automatic voltage regulation
• circuit breaker (overload protection and oil level Notanzeig.
• Engine: 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, Air-Cooling gasoline engine
• Displacement (ml): 163
• Max Power (HP / rpm): 6.5 hp / 5000 rmp
• Ignition system: Non-contact transistor ignition
• Starting system: Recoil (manual start)
• tank (L): 15
• Engine oil capacity (L): 0.6
• noise level at 7m (dB): 65
• AC Frequency (Hz): 50 Hz
• AC output voltage (V): 12/230/400 V
• Rated AC output (KW): 6 KW
• Maximum AC power (kw): 6.5 kw
• Connections:
400 Volt AC 1X
3 x AC 230 V
1x DC 12 Volt
Dimensions and weight:
• Net Weight (kg): 40
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 60 x 45 x 45 cm
  !!! IMPORTANT !!! 
Color and appearance may differ function remains the same or better. 
(Appearance and color can be different function remains the same or better.) 
Power generators also by whether they run synchronously or asynchronously differ. 
The power generators that run synchronously, are provided for the operation of inductive devices. These are devices that have a higher power requirement for starting. In most cases these are appliances with electric motors. These are, for example, lawn mowers, hammer drills or chainsaws. 

Asynchronous power generators are sufficient for the operation of "normal" electrical appliances such as heaters, lamps, drills, circular saws, Rasenmähr, pond pump, etc.. These devices do not require high starting current to produce the desired output. 
Delivered WITHOUT fuel.